Friday, October 29, 2004

Successories, LLC Kicks Off Its New Signature Training Series With The Recognition Workshop

Successories, LLC Kicks Off Its New Signature Training Series With The Recognition Workshop

Successories, LLC, of Chicago, introduces their new Signature Training Series, beginning with a one-day seminar entitled “The Recognition Workshop.”

AURORA, IL (PRWEB) July 16, 2004

Years of anxiety from budget cuts, downsizing and outsourcing have taken a heavy toll on American workers. Morale in many companies is at an all-time low. In response to serious human resource issues facing many businesses and the need for effective solutions, Successories, LLC is introducing their new Signature Training Series, beginning with a one-day seminar entitled “The Recognition Workshop.”

John Carroll, the President of Successories, believes that recognition training is the perfect start to the new training series. “In challenging economic times, employee recognition is crucial to maintaining high morale. But the problem is, many people don’t even know where to begin. Most managers need to learn how to effectively recognize and reward their teams. And since research supports the value of peer recognition, it is recommended that employees without direct reports attend the training as well. This workshop can help everyone take that first step.”

The Recognition Workshop is interactive, on-site training that teaches people at all levels of an organization the skills and strategies they need to effectively recognize and motivate others. This leadership development seminar also includes a recognition survey that measures a companyÂ’s recognition efforts and provides valuable feedback from employees regarding motivation-based issues.

Successories, LLC has teamed up with Effective Recognition Training and Consulting to facilitate the workshops. Michelle Nold, the executive director of the Chicago-based company, designed the program after realizing her own recognition shortcomings several years ago as a first-time supervisor. “I thought saying “Good job” and patting someone on the back was the right way to share recognition. After little to no performance improvement, I quickly understood that there is a big difference between recognition and effective recognition. Since general comments do not communicate sincere gratitude that creates an emotional link, nor describes the specific actions that took place, it is unlikely the person will repeat the desired behavior. I designed the workshop because I realized that there are lots of people who need recognition training.”

Nold is the author of Ten Steps to Effective Recognition, a recent addition to the Successories Power of One library. She is also a former Recognition Manager for a company with over 70,000 employees. “Research shows that one of the most common reasons employees give for quitting their jobs is a lack of recognition for their work. Often companies rely on rewards programs that only impact a small percentage of the employee base, leaving many achievements overlooked. Employees tell us that they need sincere and timely recognition, and that receiving recognition makes them want to work harder. Considering the high price of turnover, up to 50% of an employee’s salary, smart companies have made recognition training a strategic part of their business plan. The return on investment for this training workshop is enormous.”

Jay Wenzel, Director of Successories Signature Training Series, says that the Recognition Workshop is designed for companies of all sizes. “The workshop is affordable so both large and small businesses can take part. And unlike many other corporate training seminars, this workshop takes place at each company instead of at a hotel ballroom, which saves on travel and lodging costs.”

Don Hoff, Vice President of Marketing for Successories, adds, “Employees who feel appreciated are more productive, and greater productivity leads to increased profits.”

The Recognition Workshop is part of Successories Signature Training Series, a new initiative that focuses on professional and personal development with on - and off-site interactive seminars and workshops.

Successories, LLC designs, manufactures and markets a diverse range of motivational and self-improvement products, many of which are the companyÂ’s own proprietary designs, for business and for personal motivation. These products are currently available through an exclusive monthly catalog, franchise stores and online at www. successories. com.


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