Friday, October 8, 2004

Cloning Has Begun in New York

Cloning Has Begun in New York

Have you ever wished there was another you or that you had more than 24 hours in a day? Clones, A Long Island based company, has answered this cry by utilizing its unique D. N.A. process to Clone local residents.

Lake Success, NY (PRWEB) June 14, 2004

If you have ever wished there was another you or that there were more than 24 hours in a day there is now a solution. Clones, a Long Island based company, has begun utilizing its unique D. N.A process to Clone local residents allowing them free time to spend as they wish while their Clone handles tasks that would have otherwise occupied their time. The company's revolutionary process involves the use of D. N.A. but not quite what you may be thinking. Clones is an Errand and Personal Concierge service that provides errand running and hotel-style concierge services to residential and business clients. Their version of D. N.A. stands for Desire and Needs Assessment which is a process of interviewing a client to assess how Clones services can be utilized to lighten their workload and provide them with more free time. Clients can then essentially outsource all or portions of their to-do list to be handled by dedicated and resourceful service professionals called Clones.

Clones will handle virtually any task on their client's behalf. This includes day to day tasks such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and waiting on repairmen to more involved services such as event planning, vacation packages, and obtaining tickets to sold-out events. "We serve as a central point of contact for any service or task our Members need to get done. Although no two members will utilize our services the same way, they can all count on us to assist them with just about any task they need help with ranging from the usual to the unusual", states Kareem Nipper, Clones Chief Operating Officer. Clones offers some very unique and innovative services as well. Their NY Virtual Presence business package goes a step beyond your traditional Virtual Office Package in that it provides the client with Virtual Staff. Virtual Offices will typically only cover services that can be performed within the office by administrative staff. Clones Virtual Presence Package includes errand and concierge services which will allow clients to have a variety of tasks performed outside of the office.

In addition to serving residential clients, Clones provides services to small businesses, real estate firms, property managers, and corporate clients. Smaller companies that donÂ’t have the resources to add additional staff will be able to leverage Clones services when necessary without the increased overhead of a full-time employee. Real estate firms will be able to offer Clones services to their customers to help mitigate the stress involved with the moving process. Property managers can offer tenants Clones services as an added amenity that will build tenant loyalty and increase the perceived value of their property. With increased workloads, long hours, and personal distractions, employees are dealing with more and more issues that affect their on the job performance. Corporations are now realizing how important it is to help employees achieve a balance between their work and home lives. "Adding Clones services to their employee benefits offering will help organizations to attract and retain employees. Productivity boosts are realized from reduced employee absenteeism, reduced distractions, and improved morale", states Nipper. Corporate employees are able to call either an off-site or onsite Clones representative to request errand services, travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, and a variety of other services.

With its wide array of services and personal assistant qualities, you might think that Clones would only be accessible to the very well off. With special offers such as "$9.99 for the first 30 minutes of errands", Clones services can fit within just about any budget. "That is one of the first misconceptions that people have when they first learn of our service but once they view our rates and our special offers they are pleasantly surprised." states Nipper. Clones offers two main membership options. Their Monthly Value Plans combine several services into monthly prepaid plans which offer a discount over purchasing services individually. It also includes many free services such as dinner reservations, locating service companies, and purchasing event tickets. They also offer a Pay-Per-Use Plan which allows you to pay for services on an as-needed basis.

With their completion of a successful pre-launch pilot Clones will begin offering services to the general public on July 3, 2004. Their initial full service areas will be in the Nassau and Queens county areas while offering a subset of services throughout the remainder of the New York Metro area. Although Clones primarily handles tasks that occur in New York, they accept clients from other states and internationally that need tasks performed on their behalf in the New York Metro area.

About Clones

Clones is a New York based provider of errand and hotel-style concierge services for residential and business clients. Through its team of service professionals and network of partner companies Clones offers various life management, employee benefit, and tenant loyalty solutions.

For more information on Clones visit www. nyclones. com or call 866-4CLONES (866-425-6637).

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