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International Travel Biography Explores Volunteerism and US Foreign Relations

International Travel Biography Explores Volunteerism and US Foreign Relations

While War Ravages Iraq, "Is For Good Men To Do Nothing" Documents a RotarianÂ’s Volunteer Work in the Afghan Refugee Camps in Pakistan

Pacifica, CA (PRWEB) January 9, 2005

Seeds of Freedom announces today the publication of the international travel biography "Is For Good Men To Do Nothing." California author and global humanitarian Chris Verrill travels from Afghanistan to Albania, Kuwait to Kathmandu, through five continents and 29 countries, to learn why September 11 happened and discover first hand what the world thinks of American foreign policy since September 11—and maybe make a little bit of difference in the world at the same time.

The 427 pages of "Is For Good Men To Do Nothing" chronicle the true story of a Rotarian who is so moved by the events of September 11 and President Bush's missteps afterwards that, after taking up a collection at his Rotary Club that morning, he sets off for the Afghan refugee camps of the frontier province of Pakistan to see how he can personally make a difference in the world.

On September 11, 2001, like everyone, the author awoke to a different world. Why did September 11 happen? What motivated the terrorists? These questions sent him on a journey. “I believe all Americans want to do their part to make the world a better place,” said author Chris Verrill. “I left home my US home for Pakistan in the hopes of doing just a little bit of good, and maybe along the way, learning how the world views the USA.”

The Western world wrung its collective hands in response to a new survivalist fear of traveling following that fateful fall morning. Suicide bombers breathed their last in the West Bank. SARS contaminated the air. War ravaged Iraq. (Or war liberated Iraq, depending on your perspective.) In as lighthearted a way as was possible under the circumstances, Verrill explores these troubled hot spots and tries to figure out why America is sometimes loved and sometimes hated. Sometimes by the very same people. “Americans go home,” said a university student in India. “And take me with you.”

"Is For Good Men To Do Nothing" chronicles the author’s trek from the USA to Afghanistan on a quest to figure out why this tragedy occurred; and maybe even do something about it. Along the way he is interrogated by Israeli security, enjoys the breathtaking views of Liechtenstein, stomachs the poverty of Ethiopia, gets abducted by an angry bus driver in Greece, meets with United Nations officials in New York and Geneva, gets his pocket picked in Rome, says goodbye to his aging grandfather on Maui, is refused passage from Kuwait to Iraq, visits the last of the white rhinos in Tanzania, crosses from Pakistan into India in a motorcade under full military escort, and finally interviews former Mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan. All the while trying to make a small difference in the world by creating a vocational education program to aid Afghan refugees. International politics with a human touch—and a human mission.

“This is just a tremendous read from a human chronicler of an historic venture and adventure who happens to be a Rotarian—that is, a humanitarian in the trenches—who decided that his personal life paled in comparison to what he might do in the real world after 9-11 in America. And then he went and did it. This book is a testimonial, a monument, a recognition of the power of a single person to make a change,” said Steve Wright, Past President of the Rotary Club of Pacifica.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” said English philosopher statesman Edmund Burke. In the spirit of one humanitarian trying to do a good deed, this odyssey takes the complex subjects of international development and foreign relations and presents them as an easily readable travel adventure. This true story is not meant for experts, but for the average American who is interested in global issues, Rotary, international volunteerism, and how the world really views US foreign policy.

About the Author

Chris Verrill, a non-profit director, e-commerce pioneer, and humanitarian with a mission, was born in California in 1964 and graduated from UC Davis with a degree that has nothing to do with international volunteerism. HeÂ’s single, never married, no kids, no pets, and one dying plant. How else could he take off on a year long adventure?

Publishing and Ordering Information

"Is For Good Men To Do Nothing," published by Seeds of Freedom in association with Xlibris and in strategic partnership with Random House, retails for $34.99. Is For Good Men To Do Nothing (ISBN 1-4134-5674) is distributed worldwide by Ingram and Baker & Taylor and may be ordered at any local bookstore or purchased online at Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and 200 other booksellers.

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