Thursday, July 29, 2004

NEW “Healthy Wealthy Wow” Grapevine Marketing For Women Announce New Offer

NEW “Healthy Wealthy Wow” Grapevine Marketing For Women Announce New Offer

New Grapevine Marketing Company, Healthy Wealthy Wow, LLC Will Choose a Utah Women at Each HWW Grapevine Gathering To Receive the Inside/Out Makeover!

Utah Valley, UT (PRWEB) January 24, 2004

“Healthy Wealthy Wow (HWW) Grapevine Marketing for Women Who Believe in the Beauty of a Balanced Life” announced today the new addition to their Grapevine Marketing line up, HWW Extreme’ly Balanced Reality Makeovers.

According to HWW Grapevine Marketing founders and HWW Reality Radio hosts, Robbie Lawler and Kim Power Stilson, they will announce the first “inside/out” balanced reality makeover at 2004’s first Grapevine Gathering on January 29th at 7:00 p. m., at the Woodbury Gallery in the University Mall in Orem.

Each month at the Grapevine Gatherings, one attendee will be selected to win the inside/out Extreme-ly balanced reality makeover, which will consist of healthy, wealthy, wow life balancing insider and out, makeover assistance.

“Many of us have been watching the ‘Extreme Makeovers’ on television and are amazed at the changes wrought to the outside of people, yet we all know that just changing our outer appearance won’t give us a balanced life,” said Robbie. “Our mission at HWW is to share with women ways to achieve inner and outer beauty and balance. We are giving 12 women (one each month) a “FREE” chance (thanks to our sponsors) to put the information shared through our grapevine on life balancing into reality action. We are so excited to see the results!”

The HWW ExtremeÂ’ly Balanced Reality Makeover gives each winner a two-month interaction with HWW sponsors who will provide their expertise and coaching assistance in the areas of Health, Wealth and Wow at no cost! At the end of the HWW Extreme-ly Balanced Reality Makeover process the winners will report LIVE over the Reality Radio show, in person at the Grapevine Gatherings and share photos and thoughts on the Extreme-ly Balanced Reality Makeover web page.

According to HWW founders, they believe each woman is unique and facing her own lifeÂ’s challenges whether in her 20Â’s and in school, in her 30Â’s and raising children as a single parent, in her 40Â’s and starting a new business, in her 50Â’s and caring for aging parents, in her 60Â’s and finding time for grandchildren, in her 70Â’s and wanting to travel the world or in her 80Â’s and suffering life changes.

“Even in our uniqueness we women share a common bond, we all have the integral need for balance and harmony in our lives. As a working mother for over 10 years, having answers, thanks to someone else’s experience has been a time-saver for me,” said Stilson. “With these makeovers we can share experiences with a different woman each month, as she explores her avenues of life balancing, and from her experiences we can choose what relates most to us and our friends and families.”

The HWW winners will receive coaching, tips and services in the areas of life coaching, family communications, good nutrition and fitness, business and wealth building, family communications, dental health, family health, home organization, skin, hair, makeup beauty tips, art and literary knowledge and more!

Sponsors include; Deleon Day Academy of Esthetics, Cedar Fort Publishing, ZIONS WomenÂ’s Financial Group, John D. Jacob Company, Total Care Dental, Remedez Day Spa, Dr. Les Brooks, DDS, Dr. Bill Lawler, Hale Centre Theatre, Orem, Dream Support Networks, Mothers without Borders, Provo Courtyard Marriott, and many others.

HWW launched in September 2003, reaches women the way they like to be reached, through the grapevine, each day on Reality Radio, once a month at Grapevine Gatherings and 24 hours a day over the internet at www. healthywealthywow. com. Lawler and Stilson started the company because of an 8-year-dream to help woman and armed with research figures showing that 85% of women make the financial decisions in the family and that 87% of women trust the referral of family and friends over advertising, they launched Healthy Wealthy Wow Grapevine Marketing for Women Who Believe in the Beauty of a Balanced Life!

“If women are making their family purchasing decisions, then it makes sense that companies should be marketing to women,” said Stilson. “We want to set a new trend through HWW Grapevine Marketing by reaching women the way they like to be reached, through the grapevine of family and friends.”



HWW invites women and companies with powerful products and information, to share their stories through our grapevine, which consists of Healthy Living, Wealthy Living and Wow information.

This information ranges from the latest services of non-profit companies, marriage, to art, to business building, to good books, to financial advice, to health and to everything else we could want to talk about.

Women and their families can pick and choose the information they like in the comfortable environment of their homes (www. healthywealthywow. com) , over the air (Healthy Wealthy Wow Reality Radio, Weekdays at NOON on 1400 am Utah Local) and at the monthly Grapevine Gatherings.

Sponsors and participants of HWW Grapevine Marketing get to reach their customers as friends with information to share rather than as companies with products to sell.

For more information contact Healthy Wealthy Wow at 801-756-8355 or visit www. healthywealthywow. com.

ABOUT KIM & ROBBIE, founders and hosts:

Roberta (Robbie) Lawler, host of “Mother’s Morning Out” a Radio Program devoted to motherhood, has over 20 years experience in broadcast radio and television. Robbie has produced and anchored “Our Town” a weekly community affairs television program on the East Coast. Chosen “National Young Mother of the Year” Robbie has toured the country speaking to women’s organizations about the humorous reality of motherhood. Robbie is married with six children.

Kim Power Stilson, owner and founder of Power Strategies, Inc., is a positioning and marketing strategist, writer, radio host of “Power Strategies – Market Your Business to a Better Bottom Line”, and long time PR & marketing authority. Kim has worked in New York, Japan and Los Angeles in marketing and PR for over 15 years. She has built national radio syndication, promoted national authors and helped US Senator Robert F. Bennett achieve his first US Senate seat. Kim is married, has 3 children, a set of “live-in” parents and three dogs.