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Skincare Warning: MRSA Outbreaks and Skin Care

Skincare Warning: MRSA Outbreaks and Skin Care

Skincare-News. com warns readers about a skin disease that can potentially become fatal if not detected and treated.

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Once found primarily in hospitals, MRSA -- known as a "superbug" -- is becoming more common and affects people in everyday settings. And although MRSA may start out with skin-related symptoms like blisters or lesions, it can quickly spread to the bloodstream, heart, lungs and bones. Skincare-News. com's latest article, "MRSA Outbreaks in Skin," discusses what causes this disease, signs and symptoms, treatment and, most importantly, prevention. http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=485 (http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=485)

What causes MRSA?

Many different kinds of bacteria are everywhere. Staphylococcus aureus (or "staph") bacteria live on our skin. Generally, such bacteria are harmless and don't cause problems; however, if the bacteria enter the body through a skin opening, (like a cut, wound, or surgical incision), severe infection can result. In addition, the infection can spread to others by touching an infected person or objects used by an infected person, such as clothing, towels, equipment, shower or bath surfaces, etc.

Signs and Symptoms

MRSA typically starts off with skin-related symptoms, including pain, redness, rash, boils, blisters, or pimples that have blood and/or pus oozing out. As mentioned earlier, however, the infection can spread beyond the skin and affect the blood and vital organs. So, it's important to know that these symptoms go beyond "skin deep" and should be addressed by a doctor immediately.

Diagnosing and Treating MRSA

MRSA is diagnosed by swabbing the affected skin area. The sample then grows and develops at a lab, which checks for the presence of the MRSA bacteria. This type of infection is very difficult to treat because with the passage of time and frequent antibiotic use, the germ mutates and becomes resistant to many antibiotics, particularly antibiotics like penicillin. Special drugs like Vancomycin, which is usually given intravenously, are available to treat MRSA. Yet, because MRSA bacteria mutates and changes, MRSA may someday become resistant against Vancomycin, and the drug will no longer be effective in treating the infection.


Good hygiene, including frequent hand washing and showering or bathing, is extremely important, say experts. Keep any open skin wounds, cuts or blisters clean and covered with a bandage to prevent bacteria from entering. This also prevents the spread of infection to others. Don't share personal items like linens, towels, soaps or other products because sharing spreads bacteria.

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