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South Asian Consumer Behavior Report Reveals Branding Struggles of U. S. Automakers

South Asian Consumer Behavior Report Reveals Branding Struggles of U. S. Automakers

Consumer behavior report examines South Asian Americans' response to the branding strategies of American and European car manufacturers.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 7, 2007

A study of South Asian American consumer behavior (http://www. ethnicusa. com/) reveals the branding struggles of American Automakers seeking to gain recognition in the community.

Following its overview of South Asian American Lifestyle and Entertainment, Global Advertising Strategies, a leading multicultural advertising agency, released the second report in the South Asian Consumer Research series - Automotive preferences of the South Asian American community. While Asian-made vehicles like Honda and Toyota dominate that market share, American-made cars take up only 13% of the segment.

American and European car manufacturers continue to struggle when branding (http://www. ethnicusa. com/) to reach the South Asian American consumers. Uninterested in SUVs, which frequently dominate the American-made car market, they buy gas mileage friendly sedans. Brands like Honda and Toyota scored highest marks among the community, accounting for 60% of all Asian-make car drivers.

"South Asian (http://www. ethnicusa. com/) Americans are practical buyers," commented Shama Shirodkar, Global's manager of interactive services, who helped conduct the research. "Over 70% of the research participants preferred Asian-made cars because of their reliability, and nearly as many planned on purchasing a new vehicle within the next year," Shama added.

Global's continuous ethnic market research and development is a part of its Multicultural 2.0 philosophy which captures the complex mosaic of different nuanced cultures and delivers consumer insight from these untapped markets. Lifestyle and entertainment, travel, and telecommunications are just are few industries covered in the consumer behavior research.

Detailed multicultural consumer behavior trends, their analysis and explanation that come from first-hand knowledge and experience set Global Advertising Strategies apart from its competitors.

Automotive, lifestyle and entertainment, and many more ethnic consumer reports can be found online at www. ethnicusa. com/news/report/ (http://www. ethnicusa. com/news/report/).

About Global:
Global Advertising Strategies is a multi-platform, multicultural marketing (http://www. ethnicusa. com/) communications firm with international reach. Global's capabilities and experience of catering products and branding messages to the diverse cultural and social identities of consumers worldwide are what make it a market leader. By functioning as a gateway into specifically selected markets around the globe, Global's analysis, tools and experience helps it to deliver advertising with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The groups latest report reviews South Asian American consumer behavior relating to automobiles. For more information on Global and its capabilities, visit www. ethnicusa. com.

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