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OAG Selects RPA as Wireless Partner for E-Notification Service

OAG Selects RPA as Wireless Partner for E-Notification Service

(PRWEB) September 10, 2000




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Jersey City, August 29, 2000 – OAG, the worldwide leading provider of travel information services, announced today its partnership with RPA Wireless, a leading wireless Application Service Provider, for the launch of its OAG Mobile E-Notification Service. With E-Notification, OAG subscribers can now receive up-to-date information on the status of a booked flight. Users can request a flight update that is automatically sent to them, regardless of the service used to book the flight. Travelers can direct updates to their mobile phone or pager, as well as to their e-mail address. Users can also change specifications on when and how they receive status information on a flight by flight basis. For example, a traveler can choose to be notified about the status of a flight even if it’s scheduled to depart on time, or alternatively, only if there is a cancellation or delay.

E-Notificationmessages can includearrival and departure times, terminal, gate and baggage claim information. Users can even arrange for an E-notification to be sent to anyone who needs to know the status of a booked flight, such as a colleague, friend or family member.“The selection of RPA as our preferred partner for E-notification is a natural for us,” said Max Lane, Publishing General Manager at OAG. “Nearly 50% of our subscribers already carry wireless devices. RPA’s ability to interface with all networks and devices allows our subscribers to keep the device they currently have and still receive this critical service.”Dominick Intartaglia, RPA’s President and CEO adds, “The frequent traveler represents the ideal user for an E-notification service. Our mission is to ensure that the traveler receives this important information in a timely and seamless manner. We are excited to work with OAG in providing the highest level of wireless delivery for their subscribers.”OAG subscribers can register for the

OAG MobileE-Notification Serviceat OAG. com, the newly re-launched travel portal. OAG. com also offers travelers access to worldwide flight information, international destinations and value-added editorial features, such as content from Frequent Flyer Online. OAG Worldwide, a division of Reed Business Information and a member of the Reed Elsevier plc group, publishes travel information products in print and electronic format under the OAG brand, including OAG Pocket Flight Guides, OAG Travel Information System and OAG Flight Guide. OAG data is also transmitted to the worldÂ’s global distribution systems used by travel agents, airlines and associated organizations throughout the world. To learn more about OAG Worldwide, please contact them at (800) 333-3037 or via email at bglavaz@oag. com. RPA Wireless has been on the leading edge of wireless delivery since 1984. Founded on the concept that the RPA Wireless Gateway must interface to every network and any type of device, it has been continuously enhanced and

Currentlyprocesses messages tohundreds of carriers worldwide, including every wireless carrier in North America. Today, RPA Wireless processes more than 10 million transactions per month over a variety of one way and two way wireless networks serving markets that include: Corporate Networks, Online and Internet Service Providers, Public E-mail Service Providers, Information Service Providers, Telecom Service Providers, and Telecom Equipment Providers.

Wells Fargo's American Commercial Capital Provides Financing to Captain D's

Wells Fargo's American Commercial Capital Provides Financing to Captain D's

American Commercial Capital announced that it has acted as co-lead arranger and administrative agent for a $62 million senior financing for Captain DÂ’s, LLC, owner of the Captain DÂ’s Seafood brand.

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) January 9, 2004

American Commercial Capital announced today that it has acted as co-lead arranger and administrative agent for a $62 million senior financing for Captain DÂ’s, LLC, owner of the Captain DÂ’s Seafood brand. The loan is divided into three facilities, including a term loan, a standby letter of credit facility, and a revolver. The funds will be used to refinance debt, collateralize existing letters of credit, and provide working capital.

Founded in 1969, Captain DÂ’s Seafood has over 560 locations nationwide, and enjoys the highest average unit volume of any quick serve seafood restaurant chain in the country. The concept offers fresh, high quality seafood in a quick service restaurant environment. The menu includes a wide variety of fresh fish, shrimp, and other seafood dishes, in addition to side items ranging from cole slaw and salads to hushpuppies and dessert, as well as health-oriented entrees such as broiled salmon, flounder, and catfish.

John Shrewsberry of American Commercial Capital stated, “Captain D’s is a brand with a solid history and the potential for an even better future. The new building prototypes and healthy menu additions will only ensure that the concept continues to enjoy its fantastic reputation in its core markets while expanding into new ones. We’re very excited to be a part of the company’s growth.”

“This is a great time for our brand,” said Ronald Walker, president and COO of Captain D’s, LLC. “And we’re extremely grateful to ACC for their professional expertise in the restaurant industry. With the entire Wells Fargo organization behind them, they were able to execute on all of our financial needs and help us to get right where we want to be for the future.”

American Commercial Capital (accapital. com) is a Wells Fargo Capital Markets Business providing capital to owners of multi-unit branded retail businesses in the restaurant and convenience store, travel plaza, and auto service industries. 

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a diversified financial services company with $370 billion in assets, providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance from more than 5,800 stores and the Internet (wellsfargo. com) across North America and elsewhere internationally.


New Addiction Treatment Draws Addicts to Clinics In Canada, Mexico

New Addiction Treatment Draws Addicts to Clinics In Canada, Mexico

An powerful new addiction treatment is now being offered by a growing number of clinics in Canada and Mexico. www. ibogaineClinics. com recently went online as a resource for information about ibogaine and legally operated ibogaine clinics.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) September 24, 2006

Ibogaine (http://www. ibogaineclinics. com/), a powerful new agent in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction is being offered by a growing number of treatment centers in Canada and Mexico. www. ibogaineClinics. com recently went online as a resource for information about ibogaine and legally operated ibogaine clinics.

Most people have never heard of ibogaine, but its recent successes in reversing addictions will likely change all that. Ibogaine comes from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant that grows in West Central Africa. It has been used for centuries as a plant based sacrament by the followers of the Bwiti religion.

In the 1960’s, ibogaine was found to have powerful anti-addiction effects on its users. Almost by accident, it was discovered that ibogaine could: 1) effectively knock out opiate addiction, and 2) knock it out without causing withdrawals. Subsequently, ibogaine was found equally effective in treating cocaine, crack, methadone, methamphetamine, alcohol, and other addictions.

Medical research is gearing up to bring ibogaine to market as a pharmaceutically sanctioned anti-addiction drug, but the process is slow and tedious and until it receives FDA approval, ibogaine will remain illegal in the U. S. Not so however, for ibogaine clinics sprouting up in Canada and Mexico, among other countries.

Many addicts seeking ibogaine treatment (http://www. ibogaineclinics. com/treatment_centers. html) have histories of attempted recovery through participation in conventional drug rehabilitation programs. While professionally staffed and armed with up to date methods, many drug treatment programs “graduate” patients who soon go back to drugs. It is believed that many of these relapses occur because the deep-seated psychological traumas that are linked to persistent addictive behavior are not adequately addressed in conventional therapy.

Ibogaine therapy on the other hand seems to accomplish the almost impossible task of both reducing physical cravings and unraveling psychological trauma. After a single treatment, addicts claim “deep insights” into the nature of their addiction as well as being free from cravings for weeks to months following treatment.

In the absence of U. S. treatment options, addicts are traveling across borders to check in to professionally run treatment centers in Canada and Mexico. In response to the demand, a growing number of these clinics are sprouting up. As an online resource for addicts seeking information about ibogaine (http://www. ibogaineclinics. com/) as well as options for treatment at legally operated ibogaine centers, www. ibogaineclinics. com fills an important current market need.

Representative for the Ibogaine organization Josh Nay states in his blog “We are a new organization devoted to finding you the help you need to overcome your addiction. We believe the substance ibogaine is the most effective and helpful drug treatment resource available”.