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Operation Fitness Builds Alliances with International Health Organizations

Operation Fitness Builds Alliances with International Health Organizations

Michael Torchia, wellness expert, takes his health organization international, helping to set new and higher standards for health organizations around the world.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2007

Michael Torchia created the "Operation Fitness" program to provide children and adults with the ability to integrate health and fitness into their everyday routine. Michael's well-structured organization will help increase motivation and improve self-esteem in a dynamic, inspiring way. This innovative program is supported by descriptive fitness updates and essential nutrition guidelines for all those wanting to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Although Michael's clientele include such famous names as Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Keith Urban and many others, his true passion is in helping everyday people. Michael has spent over 20 years of his life educating and teaching the public about fitness. Having suffered as an obese child himself, with incredible drive and determination he overcame his eating disorder and went on to become Teenage Mr. America, Mr. Collegiate USA, and Mr. California. This exemplifies that with proper guidance, learning of good nutritional habits and the use of research-based professional training that if you can imagine it, it can become a reality.

Michael and his team of experts have recently launched "Fitness Nation." Their mission is to travel around the country helping obese children and their parents create healthier lifestyles. They will educate communities nationwide how they can help prevent and alleviate childhood obesity. His team includes Dr. Karlis Ullis, Clinical Professor at UCLA and Director of Nutrition for Children's Fitness Academy and Rona Freeman, Healthy Gourmet Chef and Life Coach. Together, they will go into homes, schools and work places to evaluate their daily environment. They'll meet with organizations and government agencies to help implement a well-structured wellness program.

Operation Fitness will create awareness and provide simple methods for both children and their parents to change their way of life -- one child, one parent, one community and one state at a time, until we can truly become a healthier, happier and substantially more productive nation.

Michael is currently embarking on a "Global Initiative" to build alliances with various health organizations to establish proper strategic planning to help fight the epidemic of obesity. His travels have taken him to Munich, Cologne and Hamburg in Germany; London, Birmingham and Manchester in England as well as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. He continues traveling even now.

By providing the services of his organization to parents, coaches and teachers, he hopes to help implement methods of preventing and wiping out the obesity epidemic.

Michael has performed seminars, lectures, fitness challenges and motivational speaking for the Los Angeles Unified School District, along with many inner-city schools throughout the country. He has combined forces with legitimate health organizations and renowned health experts such as Dr. Karlis Ullis, Clinical Professor at UCLA, Brent Berger, Operations Specialist for Children's Fitness Academy and Robert Scott Bell, Director of Product Development for Natural Immunogenics Corp.

In addition, Michael is building alliances with powerful politicians to create stringent regulations for food manufacturers and distributors. He is presently planning to utilize the star power of his elite clientele for fund raising events to finance his organization and to help make a significant turnaround in the obesity epidemic. Michael's impressive list of star clients includes Matt Damon, Kim Cattrall, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and Keith Urban.

His goal is to eradicate this devastating problem by being pro-active and by using preventative measures. Michael truly believes the key to success is by properly educating both children and adults. The goal of Torchia's Global Initiative is to set new standards for health and wellness organizations throughout the United States and the World.

Michael Torchia has formed the Operation Fitness "Health Task Force," an elite team of health experts that conduct research into manufacturers and distributors of food products containing refined sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified ingredients. Members of the task force will report all their findings to legislative representatives, Governmental agencies, as well as to school officials. Their goal is to provide essential information to children and parents so that healthy choices can be made.

"It is just as important to focus on preventing obesity, as it is to alleviating this rapidly growing disease affecting our nation," says Michael Torchia.

"Action is the foundational key to all success." -- Pablo Picasso

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