Sunday, March 14, 2004

EBates Partners with CosmicBreath. com Partners

EBates Partners with CosmicBreath. com Partners

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 10, 2005

Mall+Cure, a CosmicBreath. com Partners web property and online shopping mall developed as a means to generate funds for charitable causes while creating new revenue streams for merchant / affiliate partners, today announced that they are partnering with eBates, providers of online coupon / promotional codes.

Mall+Cure Media Manager, Sarah Jimenez said, "We're excited about partnering with eBates. Through affiliations with innovative partners like eBates who offer hard-to-find niche products and services, we are able to meet the growing needs of the diverse Florida markets. The fact that eBates wants to extend their offerings to Mall+Cure members is a testament to the level of dedication to helping customers and a commitment to improving the overall landscape of online customer service and expansion within the industry."

Henry Untherwatte, an affiliated partner of Mall+Cure added, "I am proud to be working with Mall+Cure and I look forward to reaching new customers with products and services that until now, were virtually impossible to come by. We feel confident that eBates will add to the success we've been able to achieve as a result of our partnership with CosmicBreath. com Partners."

By creating an online marketplace where people can buy the things they would normally buy online anyway and helping charitable causes, Mall+Cure introduces loyal ready-to-purchase shoppers with the makers and retailers of common goods as well as hard to find products.

To learn more about eBates, visit: http://cgi. tripod. com/onlinecouponcodesfl/cgi-bin/index. pl? Puritan=NZrEvPNa&J=coupon&Tar=PbHcBA&K=false (http://cgi. tripod. com/onlinecouponcodesfl/cgi-bin/index. pl? Puritan=NZrEvPNa&J=coupon&Tar=PbHcBA&K=false) or http://www. MallCure. com/coupon-promotional-codes. asp (http://www. MallCure. com/coupon-promotional-codes. asp)

About Mall+Cure

Mall+Cure is an online shopping mall developed as a means to generate funds for charitable causes while creating new revenue streams for merchant and affiliate partners like Marbella Tours, Target, Walmart, Costa Rica Travel Tours, Busted Tees, DecoBride. com and now eBates! Plus many more, see for yourself: http://cgi. tripod. com/mallcure/cgi-bin/index. pl (http://cgi. tripod. com/mallcure/cgi-bin/index. pl)

About CosmicBreath. com Partners

CosmicBreath. com Partners is a boutique e-business group redefining performance marketing and dedicated to helping businesses prosper on the web. They deliver true performance-based marketing solutions for retailers, service providers, etc. looking to leverage the power of technology and new media to increase revenue through untapped channels.

To learn more about Mall+Cure or its parent company, CosmicBreath. com Partners, go to: http://www. cosmicbreath. com/cgi-bin/index. pl (http://www. cosmicbreath. com/cgi-bin/index. pl)

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