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Automobile Magazine Reveals 2009 All-Stars Winners : A List of Ten of the Year's Elite, Ranging from the Sexy and Sleek to the Environmentally Innovative and Cost Efficient

Automobile Magazine Reveals 2009 All-Stars Winners : A List of Ten of the Year's Elite, Ranging from the Sexy and Sleek to the Environmentally Innovative and Cost Efficient

AUTOMOBILE Magazine, America’s leading automotive lifestyle publication and part of Source Interlink Media, LLC, a subsidiary of media and marketing services company Source Interlink Companies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SORC), today announced the winners of its 2009 AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE All-Stars Awards.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (PRWEB) December 15, 2008

"This year's list is one of the broadest we have compiled. Our 2008 Automobile of the Year Audi R8 is joined by stalwarts such as the BMW 3-series, newcomers like the Ford Flex, and repeat winners Chevy Malibu and Volkswagen GTI," said Jean Jennings, president and editor-in-chief of AUTOMOBILE Magazine. "These ten cars are the year's fastest, most exhilarating, ingenious, awe-inspiring, accomplished, and compelling cars available in the U. S."

Each year, the editors of AUTOMOBILE Magazine convene to test, evaluate, and debate the performance, significance, and pure enthusiast appeal of the cars that make the biggest impact. Award winners will be featured in the February 2009 issue of AUTOMOBILE Magazine, available on newsstands January 6, 2009.

AUTOMOBILE Magazine's 2009 All-Stars, with editorial assessments, are:

Audi R8 – AUTOMOBILE Magazine calls the R8 the kind of iconic sports car that comes around once or twice a decade. Dramatic inside and out, the R8 is wide, low, and purposeful—it is a luxury grand tourer as much as it is a pure sports car.

BMW 3-series – Don't stop the presses: the BMW 3-series and M3 get another All-Stars award (its fourteenth, to be exact). Isn't this déjà vu? As always, the competition for the 3-series keeps getting fiercer, and, as usual, critics say the latest, greatest M3 is a bit too refined. But BMW's masterpiece of all-things-to-all-people engineering remains more fun than anything that's more practical and more practical than anything that's more fun.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – AUTOMOBILE Magazine editors found that few words have the ability to adequately convey the rush provided by the most powerful Corvette ever. The world has produced faster cars, but few offer the same combination of sound, speed, and exhilaration. 60 mph comes in first gear (in 3.7 seconds) and 91 mph in second.

Chevrolet Malibu – There is no need to assemble a laundry list of the Malibu's strengths versus its many competitors. Drive one, and it is clear why AUTOMOBILE Magazine named it an All-Stars winner two years in a row. The Malibu is the quiet American on this year's All-Stars list: a sedan with crisp handling, commutative steering, a properly tuned ride, and an overall feeling of quality.

Ford Flex – With seven-passenger capacity and generous proportions, the Flex is a vehicle that defies conventional wisdom. AUTOMOBILE Magazine was taken by the Flex's exterior design, which is thoroughly modern while harking back to the glory days of U. S. automakers, and a cabin that is a masterpiece of ergonomic engineering and chock-full of high-tech features. The Flex concentrates on refinement and emphasizes style while being as practical as a minivan.

Honda Fit – More than three decades after the original Honda Civic gave Americans a whole new notion of space utilization, the Honda Fit has come along to amaze a new generation. The new model's extra polish elevates the small-car experience with hidden features, a sleeker exterior, a smoother gearbox, and a nicer cabin.

Jaguar XF – What one AUTOMOBILE Magazine editor calls "the best Jaguar sedan I have ever driven" is a beautiful, composed, powerful, and lush car. The XF is impressively quick and refined. Driving it is not just about going fast; it is smooth, refined and comfortable for driver and passengers alike when being pressed to deliver its full potential.

Porsche 911 – From its birth in 1964 to the arrival of an improved edition last year, the Porsche 911 has been a rare island of tranquility amid the automotive industry's seas of turmoil. The fortified sixth-generation 911 is gutsier and quicker accelerating, yet it squeezes an additional mpg or three from every gallon of premium. Breadth of character is another of the 911's endearing traits. Rear or all-wheel drive, coupe or convertible, outfitted for grand touring or track days, there is a 911 for every purpose.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – Mercedes-Benz's mind-set for its AMG cars is to offer insane power in a package that skews towards luxury. The C63 AMG makes the leap to the All-Stars list because it sacrifices the posh-performance DNA of Mercedes Benz in its quest to be a better driver's car. Other cars in the AMG portfolio are faster, but this one is the most fun.

Volkswagen GTI – With a new version of the GTI due in the U. S. in September, AUTOMOBILE Magazine applauds this return-to-its-roots VW with yet another All-Stars award. During its three-year run, the GTI's performance, comfort, and functionality kept it out front in the race to be the best sporty compact car and also made it the 2007 Automobile of the Year.

Criteria and Evaluation

The AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE All-Stars are chosen by the AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE staff, its worldwide bureau chiefs, and its contributors, following an intensive test drive of the year's most innovative and important new cars. Vehicles considered for the All-Stars awards combine the following traits:

Redefines an existing category or creates a new market segment Provides excellent value and performance for the money Exhibits an exceptional design Offers pure driving enjoyment After a 1000-mile road trip, winners are determined by a round-table discussion that results in a vote for the ten winners. The award decisions are not made through an instrumented test process.

About AUTOMOBILE Magazine and Source Interlink

AUTOMOBILE Magazine (www. automobilemag. com), part of Source Interlink Media, LLC, was founded in 1986 and has a circulation of 550,000 and a total readership of 4 million. Recipient of more editorial awards than any other major automotive publication, AUTOMOBILE Magazine is designed to appeal to the interests of passionate automotive enthusiasts. Its diverse editorial mix includes behind-the-wheel experiences in the world's most fascinating cars, as well as personalities, travel destinations, automotive art, vintage cars and industry trends.

Source Interlink Companies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SORC), a $2.2 Billion media and marketing services company operating in 25 states, is a leading U. S. distributor of home entertainment products and services and one of the largest publishers of magazines and online content for enthusiast audiences. Source Interlink Media, LLC publishes over 75 magazines and 90 related web sites. Source Interlink Distribution services tens of thousands of retail store locations throughout North America distributing DVDs, music CDs, magazines, video games, books, and related items. In addition to distributing over 6,000 distinct magazine titles annually, the Company maintains the largest in-stock catalog of CDs and DVDs in the U. S. -- a combined total of more than 260,000 titles. Supply chain relationships include consumer goods advertisers, subscribers, movie studios, record labels, magazine and newspaper publishers, confectionary companies and manufacturers of general merchandise.

Portable Infrared Analyzers Assist Pennsylvania with its State Mandated Biodiesel Program

Portable Infrared Analyzers Assist Pennsylvania with its State Mandated Biodiesel Program

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture chose the InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzer manufactured by Wilks Enterprise, Inc. to use for compliance monitoring of its State mandated biodiesel program. The InfraCal Analyzer can be used in the field and has the required accuracy of 0.2 percent that is required for testing the fuel at the 1200 retail motor fuel locations throughout the State for 2% biodiesel.

East Norwalk, CT (PRWEB) July 23, 2010

In October 2005, Governor Edward G. Rendell announced that Pennsylvania would replace millions of gallons of conventional diesel with fuel made within the state and reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels. This would help boost the state’s economy by creating new jobs associated with the alternative fuel -- from farmers and producers to distributors and retailers. In July 2008, a House bill signed into law a state renewable fuel standard mandating the percentage of biofuels available to consumers to increase along with in-state production. As of September 2008, the first production level of 40 MMgy of biodiesel was attained and effective May 1, 2010, all diesel fuel sold at retail stations throughout Pennsylvania must contain 2% biodiesel.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) is responsible for assuring compliance with the law. The PDA believes that a strong quality and oversight program is essential to the success, sustainability and commercialization of their renewable fuel standard. Testing the fuel at the 1200 retail motor fuel locations throughout the State for 2% biodiesel is one of their responsibilities.

The PDA chose the InfraCal Biodiesel Blend (http://www. wilksir. com/biofuel-analyzers/infracal-hatr-t2b. html) Analyzer manufactured by Wilks Enterprise, Inc. to use for compliance monitoring because the analyzer could be used in the field and had the required accuracy of 0.2 percent. They recently purchased eight InfraCal Analyzers -- one for each of their seven regions (to be shared by 33 field staff) and one for their headquarters. While testing has not yet come into full swing, Mike Rader, the lead person on all renewable and alternative energy efforts for the PDA, estimates that they will run approximately 2000 samples annually for the on-road program. If pending legislation that includes a biodiesel mandate for both bio-heat and off-road fuel goes through, another billion gallons of biodiesel blended fuel will be added to the 1.6 billion gallons now in circulation for on-road diesel use. This would easily add another 2000 biodiesel blend tests per year for the PDA.

The InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzer is a portable mid-infrared analyzer. The approved methods for biodiesel measurement are ASTM D 7371 in the US and EN 14078 in Europe (http://www. wilksir. com/pdf/Biofuels%20Comparison%20Data. pdf)-- both specify mid-infrared for the measurement of the biodiesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) blend ratio. Infrared analysis works well for FAME because the biodiesel ester has characteristic infrared absorption due to the carbonyl band at 5.7 micrometers or 1745cm-1. As the concentration of biodiesel goes up, the infrared absorbance at that wavelength increases. The infrared absorbance can be directly calibrated to readout in percent biodiesel.

Since the InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzer is small (6 inches square), lightweight ( less than 5 lbs), rugged (no moving parts) and can be operated from a battery pack or a cigarette lighter adapter cable, it fits the requirements needed for traveling to retail stations to make on-site measurements. The operation simply involves putting a sample on the exposed sample plate, pressing the “run” button and in less than a minute, the display reads the percent biodiesel in the fuel sample. When the PDA finds a fuel that is out of compliance, a sample is sent to the headquarters for further testing. If that sample is verified as out-of-compliance, the department checks the required bill of lading tracking system that follows the fuel as it travels from the biodiesel producer to the blender, to the distributor, and finally to the retail location. With this paper trail, the PDA can identify the entity responsible for the out of compliance fuel and a correction can be enacted.

For further information on the InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzers, please contact: Wilks Enterprise, Inc., 25 Van Zant Street, Ste. 8F, E. Norwalk, CT 06855 TEL: 203-855-9136; FAX: 203-838-9868; or the information can be downloaded from the Wilks website: www. WilksIR. com (http://www. wilksir. com/)

About Wilks Enterprise, Inc.
Headquartered in E. Norwalk, Connecticut, Wilks Enterprise specializes in easy-to-use, portable mid-infrared analyzers for specific measurement applications. All Wilks analyzers have been specifically designed for on-site use by non-technical personnel and are used for a wide variety of applications in the biofuels, environmental, petrochemical, quality control, and manufacturing industries. These portable analyzers enable analytical measurements to be made in the field, helping to eliminate the wait for off-site lab results.

For further press information or images, please contact Carol Tunick, VP – Marketing, at 203-855-9136 or email:

InfraCal is a trademark of Wilks Enterprise, Inc.


Lifeknot Offers Tips for a Stress-Free Valentine's Day

Lifeknot Offers Tips for a Stress-Free Valentine's Day

Live your life and let love follow, says lifeknot

Cambridge, MA, (PRWEB) February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be stressful for those looking for love. In fact, finding a sweetheart would never be stressful if lifeknot had its way. The social-networking website encourages people to live their lives and let love follow.

Through myriad activities suggested by members, people can find others who share interests and passions as diverse as short films, sushi, Scrabble, surfing, and stargazing. lifeknot (www. lifeknot. com) currently lists over 1,200 activities across 45 categories. Members can select a variety of activities during a search, allowing them to find, say, fellow hiking enthusiasts who also like Indian food, photography, and Frisbee. Searching for people with common interests is lifeknot's suggestion for taking the stress out of finding a Valentine. Finding a significant other that shares many similar interests may ensure that love lasts well beyond Valentine's Day.

"Placing emphasis on shared interests is a great approach to establishing relationships -- platonic or romantic," says Matt Muro, founder of lifeknot. "It gives you an immediate indication of your compatibility, and there's an assurance that such a connection is more than skin deep."

A shared passion for glassblowing, gardening, gliders, and world travel may mean one has found his or her soul mate or simply someone with whom to visit Paris. Either way, to quote Humphrey Bogart's character, Rick, in Casablanca, it could be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

According to Muro, "shared interests ensure love found at Valentine's Day, or any day of the year, is more destiny than chance."

About lifeknot. com

Lifeknot helps singles, as well as those in relationships, establish meaningful friendships based on shared interests and passions. Members create activity profiles, in addition to personal profiles, listing any of over 1,200 member-suggested activities. Shared interests serve as an icebreaker, resulting in a more comfortable, natural way to meet to friends and dates. For more information, please visit www. lifeknot. com.


Matt Muro | cell phone: 617.388.1511

Website: www. lifeknot. com