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Roots Recovered Proclaimed as the Premiere Publication for African Heritage Travel for People of African Descent

Roots Recovered Proclaimed as the Premiere Publication for African Heritage Travel for People of African Descent

“Roots Recovered” The How To Guide for Tracing African American and West Indian Roots Back to Africa and Going There for free or on a shoestring Budget is the African travel book that shows African Americans and West Indians how to trace their roots back to Africa and travel there for free or on a shoestring budget

(PRWEB) March 7, 2005

“Roots Recovered” is a travel guide unlike any other. Roots Recovered contains bullets of information that range from African history, psychology, obtaining passports and visas to very specific country information. However, unlike other African travel books, the purpose of Roots Recovered is to use African travel as a vehicle to open the door for understanding Black psychology, history and to develop a positive Black self-concept for future growth. Roots Recovered is the guide for anyone of African descent who wants to travel to Africa. Not only does the book tell you how to fly to Africa for free or very cheaply, it guides the reader on how to trace your roots back to your specific tribal grouping utilizing a combination of traditional genealogy methods, the Internet and DNA technology.

The book has received rave reviews and generated great interest since its release in January 2004 and was featured on the Tavis Smiley Show on National Public Radio. Besides appearing on the Tavis Smiley show the author James White and the book have also been featured on numerous radio shows such as “Africa meets Africa” with Angelique Shofar on Pacifica Radio; on WHUR “The Caribbean Experience “, on Radio One and WKGO Radio on the number one rated travel talk show “John Hamilton On the Go”. The book was selected for the DiverCity Book of the Month Club March 2004 as well as featured on The University of South Florida Africana Heritage website, the Boston Globe, the Westside Gazette; BlackNews. com, October Gallery’s Paint Magazine; The Trentonian ; Cream Magazine; Kitchen Table News; Rolling Out Urban Style Weekly; The Washington Informer; Black News. com as well as many other internet and media outlets in the United States and Europe.

Additionally, the author James E. White appeared at the TransAfrica WriterÂ’s Forum workshop and book signing in Washington, D. C. and he delivered a lecture on the topic of African travel, history and tracing your roots at the Herkhuti African Enlightenment CouncilÂ’s Free Your Mind Lecture Series at the public library in Albany, N. Y. He most recently appeared at a book signing and lecture at the Hue-Man Bookstore in New York City.

To learn more about “Roots Recovered” visit the author’s website at www. rootsrecovered. com. The book can also be purchased at the author’s website or at www. barnes&noble. com, www. cushcity. com, www. amazon. com and a host of other Internet outlets. It also can be ordered at any bookstore.

About the Authors

James E. White

James is an African American who obtained his undergraduate degree from Howard University and his law degree from New York Law School. James met his co-author Jean when Jean hired James for a legal matter. The two fast became good friends and together they have traveled extensively in West Africa, on and off the beaten path. Together they have crossed country borders by land and by air, experienced power outages and have stayed in tourist hotels and inexpensive local lodgings. James was eventually married in Senegal West Africa in a traditional ceremony and his first child was born there. Furthermore, he has utilized DNA technology and traces his roots to the Mende people of Sierra Leone and the Fulani people of Guniea. He is an African art enthusiast and has a penchant and knowledge of African history and culture and frequently travels there.

Jean-Gontran Quenum

Jean-Gontran is an African who is a native of the Republic on Benin and a citizen of France. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Benin and his MBA from Portiere University in France. Jean is a businessman whose dealings in telecommunications, real estate and farming have taken him all over West Africa and other parts of the continent. He has avidly collected African art and this has taken him to remote areas in search of the best deals. James first trip to Africa was with Jean-Gontran in which Jean-Gontran showed him the tourist side and the native side of travel and living in Africa.

The authors can be contacted at 609-638-5383 or via email at adroitdiver@aol. com

Source: Adroit Diversified Enterprises

Weblink: http://www. rootsrecovered. com/ (http://www. rootsrecovered. com/)

Contact Info:

James E. White


Adroitdiver@aol. com

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HOLLYWOODÂ’S CALL TO ACTION FOR CELEBRITY SUPPORT IN EFFORT TO BRING LIMBLESS CHILD WAR VICTIM FROM OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM CHARITY CLARIFIES CELEBRITY INVOLVEMENT IN RESPONSE TO MEDIA CONFUSION What: Charity Responds to Media Confusion regarding effort to help Ali Ismaeel Abbas When: Tuesday, May 13, 2003, 11 a. m. Where: Masonic Lodge 71 West 23 St. 6th floor New York City, NY Hollander Room Who: Elissa Montanti, Founder and Chairwoman of Global Medical Relief Fund Boro Vudadinovic, President of Miracle Mile Films and President of Global Medical Relief Fund Kenan Malkic, Triple Amputee Bosnian War Victim and first rescued child by GMRF Why: In a world where celebrities have become the focus of what is worthy of news, a child waits for help. Media confusion could possibly damage effort for charity to save child. Charity will clarify celebrity and media involvement.

(PRWEB) May 14, 2003

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) May 12, 2003 – The Global Medical Relief Fund on Wednesday, May 7, 2003 launched a drive to bring a limbless Iraqi orphan who became the symbol of civilian suffering in the US-led war to the United States for medical treatment. “In the frenzy of organizing this very worthwhile cause there has been some confusion in the specific “involvement” of celebrities that needs to be clarified immediately”, stated Bora Vukadinovic of Miracle Mile Films and President of The Global Medical Relief Fund.

“Just because we can get concert tickets donated and props from films does not imply that the celebrities are officially endorsing anything in any way. That was never our intention. In fact, when mentioning celebrities on the child’s hero wish list, we had simply talked about our admiration and respect for their humanitarian efforts on behalf of children and were hoping that they would be supportive. Some reporters, jumped the gun and made assumptions that simply are not true.” clarified Cheryl Shuman a volunteer helping to organize the effort.

Maria Conchita Alonso, actress and friend contacted Arnold Schwarzenneger personally. ArnoldÂ’s personal assistant Jennifer responded with offers of a letter of encouragement and autographed t-shirts for the child.

Polo Molina, Concert Promoter and Tour Manager for the Black Eyed Peas--opening act for the Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake tour offered to donate concert tickets and other items for auction. Several names are on the celebrity wish list for the child Cheryl Shuman told Agencie France Presse’. "We've just launched this campaign, but my plan is to reach out to as many celebrities as possible to help in any way we can. Whether it’s autographing their latest CD or performing in the benefit concert or filming a public service announcement, any help is so very greatly appreciated. I want to make it very clear that we are in no way stating that these celebrities are official spokespersons, rather asking all celebrities and behind the scenes friends that we’ve worked with over the years to pitch in and help!”

Bora Vukadinovic added, “I have privately financed this operation with hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, and whether celebrities support us or not, we WILL help this child!”

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, GMRF representatives, Elissa Montanti, Founder and Chairwoman and Asver Glusac, Executive Director will travel to Kuwait to meet with physicians treating Ali Ismaeel Abbas, an Iraqi child who sustained injuries during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ms. Montanti and Mr. Glusac will meet with Ali's treating physician, Dr. Imad Najada, MD and Dr. Shatti the Director of the Kuwaiti Health Ministry. The airline tickets for the mission were proudly donated by British Airways and additional support donated by the Shriners Organization.

A few days later President of GMRF, Boro Vukadinovic will follow with Vice President Maria Conchita Alonso Singer/Actress along with camera crew to document our efforts to help Ali and other Children. The GMRF is working with Kuwaiti and US authorities to bring children like Ali to the US for treatment and rehabilitation. Once on the ground in Kuwait, the GMRF will meet with Ali's physician's and family to discuss the possibility of him coming to the US for treatment. Several other children will also be discussed.

Ali, who was last week undergoing medical treatment in Kuwait for burns that cover 40% percent of his body, had both arms amputated above the elbow in Baghdad last month after he was caught in a US missile strike on March 30.

He was the sole survivor among 20 killed, including his parents, brothers and sisters, when the deadly projectile hit his family home in Al Zafiriya and the world media quickly seized on him as a symbolic victim and launched a high-profile campaign to save his life.

The fund is a non-profit organization that helps children who have fallen victim to the horrors of war that operated in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

Any celebrities wishing to get involved can contact Cheryl Shuman at her Beverly Hills Offices at 310.285.1777 or email Cheryl@cherylshuman. com. Anyone who wants to aid the cause can check for up to date information on the following websites: www. globmed. org.

About the Organization:

The Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to bring hope and life to the children around the world who have lost limbs from, either the atrocities of war, a national disaster or to illness. The GMRF travels to countries where there is need, and arranges transportation to the United States for prosthetic devices, medical and surgical care for the childÂ’s injuries.

We provide housing and all fundamental services for the child from arrival in he United States and throughout convalescence, rehabilitation and recovery.

We have been making a difference since 1997. We have endeavored to give back to children, one by one, what has been so unfairly taken away from them by the consequences mentioned above. The children may not be fully physically restored, but they do regain self-sufficiency and the optimism of youth for the future. Our family, of those that have been aided, now numbers almost two dozen children. They have not only gained from our country, physically and mentally, but these young souls have become ambassadors for America, reflecting our nation's generosity, as well as it's ingenuity, freedom and opportunity.


The Global Medical Relief Fund

One child at a time

Www. GlobMed. org

Media Contact:

Cheryl Shuman, C. E.O.

468 North Camden Drive, 2nd Floor

Beverly Hills, California USA 90210

Phone: 310.285.1777 Mobile: 310.666.7686

Email: Cheryl@cherylshuman. com

Www. CherylShuman. com