Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Supporting Marine Conservation is No Fluke: Whale Tails Offers Donations After Less than One Year in Operation

Supporting Marine Conservation is No Fluke: Whale Tails Offers Donations After Less than One Year in Operation

Organic tortilla chip company is able to generate 10 percent to marine conservation after only eleven months.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 3, 2006

It has been only eleven months and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips has reached their second milestone. The first milestone was on November 11, 2005 when this organic tortilla chip company produced their very first bags of chips. Their second milestone was achieved when they reached across the International Border and made their first donation to benefit marine conservation.

Chris Pesenti of Pro Peninsula accepted the generous donation from Ric Kraszewski, Co Founder, of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips. Chris of Pro Peninsula sits on the board of directors of Solis's Magdalena Baykeeper program in Baja California, Mexico. Chris was instrumental in putting Julio Solis and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips together. The word went out to the Whale Tails Advisory Board, an informal group, which is made up of scientists, researchers, teachers, conservationists, retailers and customers, asking for suggestions on what individual or group should be considered for the company's first ten percent donation. After reviewing all the suggestions, the decision to go with Julio Solis was deemed to be the best fit.

Julio Solis's Magdalena Baykeeper (Vigilante de Bahía Magdalena) group has been around for over a year now, just a little longer than Whale Tails Tortilla Chips.

Chris Pesenti says, “I have been truly impressed with their works. Julio Solís is a longtime fisher and resident of Puerto San Carlos. He started the organization to confront the water pollution issues in Magdalena Bay. Magdalena Bay comprises one of the most important wetland ecosystems on the Pacific coast of North America. The bay provides shelter for Pacific Gray Whales to rear their young before making the long journey north to the Bering Sea. Julio Solis can definitely make a lot happen with a little bit of money. Just paying for the gas that goes in the panga boats, so the group can go out and do their monthly water quality surveys makes a huge difference.”

Rick Grant, VP of Marketing Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, himself having spent many years surfing and traveling in Baja Mexico, put it this way, “We told everyone we wanted to give this first ten percent to someone who has struggled to get their conservation effort off the ground, just like we have had to do with Whale Tails Tortilla Chips. We were able to relate to Julio's request and then make it happen. Its the same type of help Whale Tails Tortilla Chips has received from retailers like Whole Foods Markets, Jimbo's Markets of San Diego, the Birch and Monterey Aquariums, and small delicatessen style markets.”

Ric Kraszewski, of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, said that “Chris met us when we just had a prototype and a dream. He has watched both us and Julio grow and I feel grateful that he put us together.”

Chris Pesenti's group Pro Peninsula will act as a “pass through” organization. That would mean that a US organization receives the money and passes it on to the Mexican group. Chris Pesenti said, after receiving the donation, “Both Whale Tails Tortilla Chips and Magdalena Baykeepers started with a desire to preserve our marine environment and I can't think of a better place to join together in that effort than 'Mag Bay' the birthplace of our California Grey Whale.”

To find out more about Julio Solis and Chris Pesenti you can visit their website: http://www. propeninsula. org (http://www. propeninsula. org) For information on Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, including where to buy them, humorous customer comments and photos visit: http://www. whaletailschips. com (http://www. whaletailschips. com)


Korea Winter Wonderland Season Begins!

Korea Winter Wonderland Season Begins!

Warm Korean Hospitality, Skiing, Winter Festivals, Hot Springs, and Shopping mark Start of Winter in Korea.

Ft. Lee, NJ (PRWEB) November 7, 2004

Overshadowed by the better known spectacular Fall and Spring seasons Winter in Korea unveils KoreaÂ’s transformation into a winter wonderland enjoyed by many from around the world yet still undiscovered by the U. S. traveler.

There are thirteen ski resorts in Korea, with six in Gangwon-do Province, five in Gyeonggi-do, one in Chungcheongbuk-do, and one in Jeollabuk-do. Each resort updates its facilities continuously for a safe and exciting skiing and snowboarding experience for their guests. BeginnerÂ’s lessons are available for the novice-ski or snowboard-equipment rentals, and plenty of winter and snow-ski festivals plus special events in season.

Something else not to be missed in KoreaÂ’s winter wonderland is the hot springs. Hot spring spas are found across the country. The waters contain copper and zinc salts as well as other beneficial minerals such as sodium, magnesium, and calcium. A day or evening spent soaking in hot springs and availing oneself of the many health facilities installed in these spas not only relieves stress but serves too as a fun, healthy travel experience. Some spas provide one-stop accommodations and entertainment for a relaxing winter vacation experience.

The major tour operators in Seoul offer shuttles to each ski resort and plan special travel package options for the winter months when visitors flock to the slopes and spas from overseas.

For further information or to receive your free copy of Winter In Korea Awaits You brochure please contact the Korea National Tourism Organization at telephone: (800) 868-7567, fax: (201) 585-9041 or E-mail: ny@kntoamerica. com