Sunday, February 1, 2004

Optimal Planning Solutions has recently had several big wins using Xpress-MP for Sports Scheduling

Optimal Planning Solutions has recently had several big wins using Xpress-MP for Sports Scheduling

Case Study and information about Optimal Planning Solutions, the leader in optimization-based scheduling services to professional sports leagues.

(PRWEB) August 19, 2004

Optimal Planning Solutions specializes in providing optimization-based scheduling services to professional sports leagues and has developed a revolutionary new approach to sports league scheduling. They use Xpress-MP--based solvers to analyze every possible scheduling alternative to ensure that the resulting schedule is the one that best matches a clientÂ’s customized objectives and constraints. Based on clientsÂ’ customized objectives, Optimal Planning Solutions can create schedules to:

  • Maximize preferred venue dates
  • Accommodate television network packages
  • Meet specific team request for venue dates a nd/or opponents
  • Minimize travel costs or days on road
  • Minimize the frequency of consecutive home (or road) games
  • Achieve a fair or balanced schedule

In one particular schedule generated for a football league, 224 games needed to be scheduled over a period of 17 weeks. This league contains 28 teams (4 divisions of 7).

The Scheduling Objectives and Constraints of the problem were as follows:

Scheduling Objectives

1. Minimize travel requirements

2. Minimize occurrence of 3 consecutive home games

3. Minimize occurrence of 3 consecutive road games

4. Ensure that the geographically isolated teams are not burdened with excessive travel

Scheduling Constraints

1. Venue availability by team

2. League requested games for home openers

3. Teams must play each division rival twice (home/away)

4. Games between divisional rivals must be at least 4 weeks apart

5. Teams cannot play 4 consecutive home/bye or 4 consecutive road/bye games

6. Teams may not travel more than 11,000 miles over the course of the season

The outcome of the Optimal Planning Solutions schedule was as follows:

1) Total travel (miles) reduced 11% from 209,606 to 185,760.

2) The number of times teams were required to play 3 home games in a row was reduced from 10 to 4, a 60% decrease.

3) The number of times teams were required to play 3 road games in a row was reduced from 7 to 4, a 43% decrease.

4) The maximum single-team travel was reduced from 13,268 miles to 10,870, and 8% decrease

Over the past year, Optimal Planning Solutions has created optimized Season Schedules for: Major League Soccer (MLS), Arena Football League (AFL), Arena Football2 (AF2), Canadian Football League (CFL), National Rugby League (NRL – Australia), National Basketball League (NBL - Australia), Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), Northern League (NL), United Hockey League (UHL), and Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL).

When asked about Optimal Planning Solutions, Brad Pursel, Sr. Director – Broadcasting and Game Operations for Major League Soccer said:

"Creating Major League Soccer's game schedule is undoubtedly one of the most complex, challenging and important undertakings each year. Optimal Planning Solutions understood this from the beginning and helped simplify the process and maximize the schedule's potential whilst considering travel constraints, key match-ups, overall balance and much more. Optimal Planning Solutions were very responsive, thorough and service oriented. Major League Soccer gladly endorses Optimal Planning Solutions schedule making services as they are not fully satisfied until you are fully satisfied."

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