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"There Are No Mistakes" by Eleanor Wiley, Just Released

"There Are No Mistakes" by Eleanor Wiley, Just Released

There are no mistakes – there are only choices. That is the simple premise of There Are No Mistakes (Conari Press, April 2006), which Eleanor Wiley has learned in 25 years of sobriety as a meditator, an artist and a teacher.

Newburyport, MA (PRWEB) March 24, 2006

There are no mistakes – there are only choices. That is the simple premise of There Are No Mistakes (Conari Press, April 2006), which Eleanor Wiley has learned in 25 years of sobriety as a meditator, an artist, and a teacher.

This astoundingly candid and simple book is illustrated with personal stories from the author and people she has encountered on her path, along with specific and simple exercises to do at the end of each chapter.

“For many years I tried to make my life conform to a lot of shoulds. Not until I got into recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous did I realize just how many shoulds I had been trying to follow. Along my own travels, first through the Twelve Steps and now through my teaching around the world, I have come across many people who walk through the world in comfort. Their lives aren’t easy, they have just accepted them and approach them with a certain grace and ease. As I thought about what they had in common, I identified eleven attributes,” writes Eleanor Wiley.

The eleven attributes Wiley found through her journeys for readers to cultivate, include: 1) know where you came from; 2) know your story; 3) accept yourself; 4) own your pain, hurt, and vulnerability; 5) laugh at yourself; 6) find community; 7) take care of yourself; 8) give yourself permission to change your mind; 9) be willing to fall apart and put yourself back together again; 10) create a tool box; and 11) go with the flow.

Wiley acknowledges that you may not be perfect, may not be happy all of the time, may not be rich or amazingly enlightened, but you will be okay. And, the thing about okay is that it’s really about acceptance and moving through the world with a sense of grace and ease.

At all bookstore events for There Are No Mistakes, Eleanor Wiley will host a bead meditation that incorporates the eleven attributes she introduces in the book. All attendees will be sent home with their own personal bead strand. For more information on her event schedule, please visit: www. conari. com or www. prayerbdzs. com.

Eleanor Wiley is a former speech pathologist and gerontologist who began her prayer bead practice at age fifty-eight. She teaches workshops on making prayer beads as a spiritual practice all over the world—her pieces have been worn by Ram Dass and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She is the author of A String and a Prayer (Red Wheel, 2002). Her own spiritual practice includes beading, sitting meditation with both Christian and Buddhist communities, and practicing yoga and the Twelve Steps. Wiley’s prayer beads are available through her website: www. prayerbdzs. com. She resides in Alameda, California.

There Are No Mistakes by Eleanor Wiley; Published by Conari Press; Publication date: April, 2006; Price: $17.95; ISBN 1-57324-262-4; Hardcover; Category: Self-help/Recovery; Available soon at bookstores everywhere or through the publisher at (800) 423-7087 or online at www. conari. com.

There Are No Mistakes

Becoming Comfortable with Life As it Is,

Not as It "Should" Be

Eleanor Wiley

With Caroline Pincus


Wine Touring in Minnesota has that “Napa of the North” Feeling

Wine Touring in Minnesota has that “Napa of the North” Feeling

What happens when the Twin Cities area leading limousine service and Minnesota’s premier wine tour service partner? A luxury tour of the St. Croix and Hiawatha Valley Vineyards that will long be remembered.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) October 4, 2006 –-

The St. Croix Valley Vineyard Tour caters guests to a memorable experience of wineries in Minnesota and Wisconsin located in the St. Croix River Valley. This unique offering is available year-round for guests that are interested in exploring vineyards within and beyond our state border. The Hiawatha Valley Vineyard Tour features three Minnesota vineyards located along the Mississippi River Valley. The day is capped off with dinner at a notable Stillwater or Hastings area restaurant. Selected dates will also have special offerings of wine dinners at vineyards or area restaurants.

Charles Kasbohm of Cities Limousine sees this partnership as “a great opportunity to entertain customers with a luxury touring experience in our own backyard.” Along the touring route, guests will be able to sample an artesian cheese and fruit tray and browse their wine-themed itinerary, while taking in the scenery.

Kristi Kowal of Vintage Ventures4U sees “how the convenience of Minnesota luxury wine tours is an appealing fit for many occasions. Without going on an airplane, wine enthusiasts can experience great things happening here with local vineyards. Many are producing award-winning wines and the luxury limo touring may put us on the map.”

Cities Limousine and Vintage Ventures are sponsoring an annual fund-raising event for the kick-off of their partnership. The first individual or corporation to donate $10,000 or more to a Minnesota-based organization partaking in clean up and restoration of Minnesota Rivers will receive limo, touring services and dinner expenses paid for one Minnesota Luxury Wine Tour up to a maximum of four persons.

About Cities Limousine

Established in 2003 and quickly gained notorious reputation for having the sleekest cars and most professional and reliable drivers, leading to numerous accolades. Cities Limousine also has a partner relationship with several of the area’s top restaurants and nightclubs.

About Vintage Ventures4U

Vintage Ventures4U is a Minnesota-based company specializing in personalized Minnesota Wine Tours and Minnesota travel packages. Established in 2004, our mission is to offer convenient, affordable, and relaxing getaways that are tailored to our customers’ tastes and budget. To reserve the Luxury Limousine Wine Tours visit http://www. minnesotawinetours. com (http://www. minnesotawinetours. com) or http://www. citieslimo. com (http://www. citieslimo. com).